How to Purchase the Perfect Couch

How to Purchase the Perfect Couch

How to Purchase the Perfect Couch
Oct 09, 2015

Watching TV, relaxing with friends and family, strategic naps, reading a book – you name it and it is likely to be on the list of things that couches are commonly used for. Having the perfect couch is essential for any household, it’s the greenlight for having nowhere to go and nothing to do… who doesn’t love that?
The process of picking a couch however is anything but relaxing. There are many factors to consider when making the perfect purchase. Follow these expert tips to ensure your sofa selection combines comfort, practicality, current trends and is the ultimate place to curl up at the end of the day!

Measure – Ensure that before any search has begun that you get out the measuring tape and visualise the maximum or minimum amount of space you would like your new lounge to take up. Too much and the room will seem too small. Too little and you haven’t got enough couch!

Make Comfort the Number One Priority – It doesn’t matter if it looks fabulous, there is no substitute whatsoever for a comfortable and durable couch. Nowadays one doesn’t have to prioritize function over form. There are so many options available that fit both criteria, and because of this comfort should be placed first on your list of desired features.

Choose Streamlined – Currently there is a trend towards clean, simple and classic couch designs. Gone are the large bulky sofas that swallowed up popcorn, socks or even members of the family! Purchasing a streamlined design will not only look better but it will enable you to add more living room furniture to your living area – go nuts on the home decorating!

Consider Your Situation – If you have three teenage sons or a devious young toddler then perhaps a crisp white linen sofa isn’t for you! Leather couches and lounges are very durable and provide a timeless look that ages beautifully. Go for a darker tone that will be more forgiving for the football boots.

Considering these factors when making the purchase of your new couch is sure to help you do no wrong towards your living area! Remember to consider them carefully over a period of time, because some would argue that purchasing the perfect couch is as important as purchasing a new car! New Idea furniture can help you with this significant decison, regardless of your situation - we have a furniture solution. Feel free to browse our range, visit one of our showrooms or contact us today for more information on how we can help!