A lesson in leather

A lesson in leather

A lesson in leather
Oct 22, 2014

Long seen as the ultimate in luxurious living room furniture, leather lounges add depth and style to any room. The beautiful texture and warm touch of leather features prominently in our large range of designs.

When shopping for leather furniture, you may notice that leather pieces have a much wider price range than furniture made with other materials. The pricing of leather furniture, in part, has to do with leather grade.  The leather is typically characterized by the layer where it is found on the hide.

The difference between high and low grade leather is like the difference between a Porsche and a Hyundai. They both look great on the outside, but quickly you'll be able to tell which one cost a lot to make and which one didn't. 

Basically leather is separated into four different varieties:

Bonded Leather:
Bonded leather is the lowest quality of leather and also the cheapest. It is patched together from scraps of leather, which makes it less durable and not as suitable for furniture that will be used by children or animals.

Split Grain Leather:
Split grain leather is stronger than bonded leather because it is made from a single piece. However, it is made from the inside of the hide so it is lower quality than top grain leather and full grain leather because it is not as durable as the outer hide.

Top Grain Leather:
Top grain leather is made from the outer portion of the hide but is buffed to get rid of any imperfections. This is the longest lasting leather because it is made from the outer portion of the hide and is treated to make it last longer.  This type of leather is inherently more durable, since an animal's skin is its strongest at the surface.

Full Grain Leather:
Full grain is the top-of-the-line leather. It is also made from the outer portion of the hide but is left unsanded. This leather is more for decoration and is unsuitable for kids or animals, as it is very high maintenance and shows scratches easily.

New Idea uses only the thickest top grain product for its more valuable lounges. Split leather, which is thinner and less hardy, is only used for the back of some of our lounges - never the front.

From contemporary showstoppers to refined classic shapes, we have the biggest and best collection of leather lounges available in two colour ranges. Whether you’re looking for a single leather armchair to a sprawling corner lounge, regardless of your space restrictions we have a furniture solution. Browse our range, choose your colour and configuration, order online or come into one of our four Perth showrooms.