Dressing Up Your Outdoors For Summer

Dressing Up Your Outdoors For Summer

Dressing Up Your Outdoors For Summer
Nov 04, 2015

We are well into spring now and most of us have probably switched up the décor inside our homes to suit. But we often neglect to do the same for our outdoor areas.  With the weather heating up, barbeques and outdoor parties will be on their way, making now the perfect time to start dressing up your yard for the warmer weather. We’ve got all the handy hints to help you step out into spring and summer and make the most out of your home’s great outdoors. 

Choosing a theme or colour is essential in decorating your outdoor entertaining area. With a colour or theme in mind, choosing the right pieces will be a breeze. For this year’s spring/summer season we’re loving brights and patterns. If you have neutral-coloured furniture try adding colour with cushions, chair covers and chair pads. Patterned furniture accessories work great in lounging and seating areas too, especially if you’re looking for more of a theme than colour scheme. Tribal, floral and animal prints are amongst our favourite themes this season. Think Aztec patterns, bold leaves, multi-coloured flowers and bird motifs! 

A great table setting can become the focal point of the outdoor area. A colourful dining set works beautifully with a neutral table. Conversely, a more neutral dining set is better if you’re adding colour with other decorating components. You don’t want to overwork the area, as they say, less is more. 

Add some mood lighting for a romantic touch on your table setting. Lanterns, solar lights and candles are perfect for establishing a pleasant ambience with lighting on those balmy nights. We love metallic lanterns with a bit of texture – they work great against bright colour too! Try gold and bronze for the warmer coloured décor and silver and pewter for the cooler colours. Solar lights are an inexpensive yet incredibly enchanting addition at night. They come in heaps of shapes and size and can be found in most department and hardware stores. Place them between plants in the garden for that extra bit of twinkle. If you’ve got a deck or a separate dining area add some large potted plants to the outer edges of the area for a little extra greenery. 

When it comes to decorating the rest of your outdoor space there are so many options available. A good furniture set allows for a decent amount of seating space for those nights spent entertaining. Of course a dining table and chair set is essential. Wood, metal and rattan wicker are always popular choices as they’re generally sturdy and weather resistant. They’re also incredibly versatile and can work into different themes and colour schemes to fit any home. Outdoor lounges are perfect for the more casual evenings outdoors. Dress them up with your choice of cushions, pour your favourite drink and you’re all set for summer. And for those with the water at their doorstep, sun lounges are the perfect swimming pool accessory; just make sure you reserve your spot first! 

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