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The Bright Side of Home

The Bright Side of Home

The Bright Side of Home
Oct 28, 2015

When it comes to the look and feel of your home, there’s nothing more significant than lighting. Without the correct lighting, the impact of the beautiful furniture and décor in your home unfortunately falls flat. To make the most of your stylish home pieces it’s important to consider the functionality of them and how lighting can help harmonise the way you live and work in your home. 

To help you achieve this, we’re shedding some light on our top lighting tips!

For the bedroom: 
The lighting in your bedroom can create a relaxing mood that alleviates the stresses of the day and allows for a more peaceful sleep. Before buying bedroom lighting you should take the size of the room into consideration to help you fill it with the right amount of light. Pendant and chandelier style lights are always stunning and can add a touch of luxe to your bedroom. However, be mindful of their placement if your bedroom has a low ceiling, especially if you intend positioning it above the bed. Bedside lamps are a bedroom basic, but this doesn’t mean they have to be boring. Play around with different colours, textures and shapes. Not everything has to match perfectly.  Standing floor lamps add the illusion of height to a room and are a modern alternative to bedside lamps. 

For the living area: 
The lounge room is one of the most important rooms in the house as it provides a shared area for residents and guests. This is where a lot of your home life is lived, whether it’s entertaining, sharing meals, or relaxing. Using a combination of different lights will serve the lounge room best. Standing floor lamps and table lamps are the most versatile in this room. They can draw the eye to décor and artwork, and cover seating areas used for reading. They can also brighten and decorate dark and empty corners. If you have high ceilings a large coloured pendant light is a great focal point to the room. If natural light is lacking, make sure your pendant light is strong enough to brighten the room evenly. For lower ceilings try a less imposing pendant. Lastly, downlights are always a simple, understated lighting choice which provide even coverage in the living area, you could also install a dimmer to control the level of light depending on the occasion or mood. 

For kitchen & dining: 
When it comes to your kitchen and dining area it’s all about task lighting. You need to illuminate specific areas so you can better carry out the activities you’re doing. Think over the bench and stove top, inside pantries and above dining tables. Again, downlights are a simple, understated choice which can provide overall coverage. A cluster of pendants look great over benchtops to highlight the area and give character to your kitchen. 

From chic to industrial, the choice is yours when you play with colour and balance of lighting. So don’t let lighting fall to the wayside when it comes to decorating your home. Take advantage of these tips to make your home shine in a flattering light. 

We at New Idea Furniture offer a huge range of lighting options to suit any taste, budget or requirement. If you’re looking to illuminate your home effectively, visit one of our stores and chat with one of our friendly staff or contact us today to find out how we can help you.