Pocket Support Comfort

Pocket Support Comfort

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Comfort Mattresses from the Pocket Support Range starting from $999. 

5 Zone POCKETREST technology for correct posture alignment.
Individual movement control offers maximum comfort to the body and minimises partner disturbance.
The support of the PocketRest 5 Zone Pocket system offers excellent support to the individual sleeper. The firm Centre Zone supports the heaviest part of the body, the lower back lumbar region, with the slightly gentler shoulder zone allowing pressure relief for side sleepers. The top and bottom zones are then consistent with the centre zone.

Four different models offer the same Superior Firm Support, with each model progressively offering Greater Pressure Relief and a gentler feel in the Pillow Top Comfort Layers.

Single- $999 
Ensemble +$260
King Single- $1,099 
Ensemble +$270
Double- $1,149  
Ensemble +$280
Queen - $1,199 
Ensemble +$400
King- $1,499
Ensemble +$560

Price displayed above is for single mattress.


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